The Concept

Every day is a new day.
Every day is a mood, a colour, a different experience. To choose and live to the full. This is why Allegrìo is born. To grasp all the sounds of life. Always be in tune, savour joy. Enjoy the pleasure of living, of living as you want, day after day, every day different from the other.

This is our Joy of Life!

Because Allegrío is a story. And like every story it is made of several parts, and every part of it is connected to the whole. It is made of moods, thoughts, different moments. From Allegrío tradition means being always yourself, without ever being equal to themselves.
Change is the secret to growing, the only way to know the new flowers and the new emotions that life offers us. Change taste, change flavors, change kitchen. From the colourful breakfast to the perfect business lunch, from the happy aperitif toast to the most secret and intimate dinner, Allegrío is immersed in an authentic food experience and lifestyle. Without forgetting to be Italian, to belong to the world, to always have with you the pleasure of discovery.

Look to their roots, in the broadest international scope.
Because Allegrío is the art of knowing how to live and capturing the nuances, knowing how to taste, enjoying every detail. Art that draws on the great classics of the past, the Greek and Roman culture that preceded us. And that has been kept alive over the centuries in the heart of Rome. It is no coincidence that it was born in the street that invented the dolce vita and told it to the world. Via Veneto.

Allegrío is a journey. A journey in which you are the protagonist. A journey that takes us to the heart of Italy, between flavours, colours, and shapes, always accompanied by the warmth of the sun. It is a path that unfolds between country paths and gardens of roses, exotic worlds, and starry skies in search of moments of joy and serenity’. A journey of taste, flavours and smells that tells the thousand faces of an Italy so celebrated, but also so unknown and mysterious. Tradition blends with the avant-garde, the past marries the future. If we are what we eat, in Italy you can be a different person every day.

Allegrío is a poem, a sonnet, or to put it more anciently a room, as Poliziano would have said. But – we then thought – certainly one room is not enough. More rooms are there, and more is Allegrío. And so was born the first restaurant where you do not adapt to the place, but it is the place that suits you. Every mood has its meeting point, its atmosphere, its menu. It is a place of the mind, but also a different physical place, thought, designed and furnished by great artists, who interpreted the different moods to make the tasting of the dishes an experience accomplished. Because life never stops in one place. And if there are so many places, all must be illuminated by the sun.

The name ALLEGRÍO is a Hymn to Life

Life is a combination of magic and pasta. (Federico Fellini)

Roma - Via Vittorio Veneto 114

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Roma - Via Vittorio Veneto 114

COOKIE POLICY - P.IVA 16847701006

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